Pascal Hefti
is a photogra­pher
& an marketing freak

Pascal Hefti



business, couple, wedding

Hefti Impressions, your photographer from Vorarlberg
natural and authentic pictures for eternity, because we inspire people! We don’t just create pictures, we tell stories and skilfully capture them.



Telling stories through moving pictures is something very special. We love stories because everyone can tell stories. The only question is, will the story be received as it should?

social media

it opens doors

i have been using social media for all companies for many years. It opens doors that were never known before. In addition, you will not only get customers there, but also fans wtih Chatbot and much more things.


digital artist

I came across the graphic rail by chance. Today I can hardly be stopped and I love to design new things in order to be able to convey the story to the outside world. My head is full of ideas that need to come out


your story in the web

A homepage is not just a homepage, there is much more to it than just a great design! Only the complete package of homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Co. turn a homepage into a homepage!


rethink development

Sometimes you have to get help from outside in order to reach the goal for which you burn every day. from then on the journey really starts. Let’s go this together with incredible ideas.

My work

I tell stories through all facets

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